Un día divertido en barco!!!
A fun day on the boat !!!


Estamos orgullosos de recibir el agradecimiento de uno de los nadadores que apoyamos en la travesía a nado "La Bocaina". Gracias Fabrizio Orsi por tus palabras y éste bonito detalle. Esperamos compartir contigo la experiencia el próximo año.


Can't wait for this! Windblue Sports are bringing kayaks and stand up paddle boards to Puerto Calero for the Jornada de la Náutica y el Medio Ambiente open day on the 4th June. Come and have a go! #JNMA2016

Learn more about Windblue Sports:

Windblue Sports is a watersports company offering kayaking, stand up paddle, snorkelling and diving. We offer courses for all levels of experience, guided tours and sea excursions. 

Our mission is to promote watersports whilst raising awareness about ecology and conservation. 

People who practise outdoor sports are more likely to want to protect the surrounding local environment and so we do our best to help in this respect. 

Lanzarote is a natural Paradise with calm and clear waters, clean beaches, beautiful bays, spectacular volcanic sea-beds and a great variety of marine life.
At Windblue Sports we invite you to explore caves and secluded spots along the coast with our kayak or stand up paddle tours, identifying fish either snorkelling or diving - and most importantly, helping to preserve these natural treasures! 

A few guidelines:
1. Corals serve to protect many species and seashells contribute to creating beaches and so it is very important that these are left exactly where you find them. 
2. Be careful never to cover up the holes made by crabs on the beach – these creatures are help clean our beaches! 
3. Never ever leave litter and if you see some lying around, please collect it. This includes cans (some species use them for shelter but the sharp edges can cause damage), plastic (animals get caught up in it and can ingest it, confusing it with food); waste food (while we might not think so, this can be toxic to wildlife). 
4. Never discharge any toxic or explosive substances into the sea. 
5. Don’t remove jellyfish from the sea (these comprise food for turtles and other species).
6. Don’t try to feed wildlife as you unwittingly poison them. 
7. Don’t have fires on the beach; the light can be very disorienting to wildlife and the fire burns useful micro-organisms. 
8. Only use water-resistant sun protection products; they will otherwise wash off in the sea, contaminating the water.



Fun Stand Up Paddle lesson in a perfect conditions: calm and clear water, sunny day and good company! Thanks guys!!!



We will be there! Water activities, environmental knowledge and a lot of fun!!! All for FREE!!!
Infórmate de todas las magníficas actividades que puedes realizar TOTALMENTE GRATIS durante la Jornada de la Náutica y el Medio Ambiente el 4 de junio en Puerto Calero...




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